Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tell Me How You See Life?

Assalamualaikum and Hello guys!

Whatssup there? I bet that everything is good and awesome. It has been few days I am trying to move my fingers to come out with at least one entry as a new beginning for this abandoned blog. Well, you see I am here to start everything all over again. I’m hoping for a shining light that will brighten up my life again.

Actually, to tell you the truth, I have been trapped in my own life, my own feelings for few months. It seems that everything is not right. Sometime, I have no idea for every matter happened in my life until I turned to be a very bad looser. Well, let just leave the past things behind, may it be the great lesson to move on, to see the opportunities and happiness waiting ahead. Well, it is not really a long semester break that I’m going through now; just try my best to utilize it to the fullest. Currently, I’m busying myself with all gym stuffs, learning and improving my poor English (as you can see), and not to mention I really wanna be a blogger again. All above all, Allah knows that I’m trying hard now to build up my motivation again as I have to face more challenges in future.  It’s now about How do I see life??  For one thing that I believe and keep on believing, Allah has set that I was born to be a successful man on this world hereafter. Efforts and positive thinking are vital now.

Well, I feel that I been nagging too much. For those who read and visit this blog; I first thank you and please come again. Your encouraging comments or might be stories and opinions to be shared are most welcomed. This site will become a medium for me to share my stories and things I do in my life.

P/S: Sorry for the poor English used, hopefully you are understood on things that I try to say. It’s my pleasure to see you be my English teacher. Do correct my mistakes.


Shahira Shera said...

salam..don't give up..never lose hope and never lose faith...May Allah ease everything..=)

ZWAN SABRI said...

good luck for ur english improvement and for build up ur body.. :)

iMah said...

hai hai..

so you said you want to improve your writing in English sure a better way to do it.. all the best..